Is localized weight loss possible?

Is localized weight loss possible?

Localized weight loss or spot reduction is a utopia. The situations where you can lose weight in a particular area, leaving intact the rest of the body fat are extremely rare.

In most cases, the story of fat takes place stealthily. You wake up in a difficult situation with many solutions around you, solutions that seem easy. From vacuum apparatus to miracle pills and the cellophane wrapping from passive gymnastics and gastric balloons, and from dumbbells to elliptical exercise equipment all promise to show you how to lose stomach fat for example, effortlessly. Yeah, right! If these methods worked you would not see fat people on the street.

When eating more than you are consuming, the body deposits fat. And if you are really unfortunately the fat will get deposited on you stomach. To get a flat stomach fast you should avoid gaining more fat deposits. New fat deposits can be caused by:

Hormonal imbalances (stress, drugs, including contraceptive pill or so-called fertility treatments)

Behavior (you used to eat crap, sweets, junk food, alcohol, ice, sauces, fries , juices with sugar, etc..)

Social factors (your life partner (or others around you) have a genetic good luck and urge you to eat until you pass out).

If you held some starvation diets, the picture is completely different, because your body has entered a state of defense and it is stockpiling for a rainy day and you are messing with it by eating too little. If you gain weight it does not necessarily mean you are eating too much. It could only be that you eat very badly and you are complaining and lounging instead of waking up.

Other discussions are only excuses, awkward excuses, hiding around the bush. Water does not gain weight, laughter does not gain weight. Lack of sex (penetration) can alter the hormonal environment and you can still gain weight. Excuses … just act and live healthy.

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