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A Laser Fat Remover Procedure As An Alternative To Liposuction

A Laser Fat Remover Procedure As An Alternative To Liposuction

Using a laser fat remover to reduce body fat is a relatively new procedure that is becoming more popular with the changing times. Liposuction has been an option for several years but requires cutting, making it a rather invasive procedure that carries the risk of infection. Lasers are a less invasive and often a less complicated method of fat removal.

A cold laser fat removal procedure uses a low level laser to complete the laser removal process. Zerona, which jumped into the market in 2008, is a very popular method of cold laser removal. The procedure works by emitting laser rays into the body. This energy has to travel somewhere, so it is absorbed into the body fat. The laser then breaks down the fat. The fat is then metabolized by the body and exits as do other waste products. This process does not affect the surrounding skin and other tissues. However, several treatments are usually needed to achieve the full desired results, and it can take up to two weeks for the results to be apparent. Fortunately, many surgeons offer “packages” in which patients can receive several treatments with a discount attached. Most people can loose five to ten inches as a result of their first treatment.

Zerona doesn’t have many recorded side effects, which is why many people would prefer this procedure to a traditional liposuction surgery. Doctors recommend that this procedure be performed on people who want to lose a few “vanity pounds” or are looking for an outpatient procedure. This treatment is painless, and doesn’t leave marks or bruises.
A procedure that uses a laser to remove fat is a liposuction alternative for people looking for a painless and quick procedure to solve their body fat problems.

As always, we recommend that you speak with your doctor (and perhaps several) before undergoing any such treatments outlined above.


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