Leg Trimming Exercises At-Home

Leg Trimming Exercises At-Home

Leg routines are specific exercises that will enable you to target and develop your leg muscles particularly your hamstrings, glutes, leg abductors/abductors, calves, quadriceps and bicep femoris. There are varying routines that you can try out which will workout all of these muscles simultaneously or individually. Here in this article are simple exercises to do at home which will target and develop the muscles of your legs.

Without Weights;

1.) Lunges – This routine will require a bit of space, you can do it in the backyard or your basement. Simply stand straight, step your right foot forward with the other planted firmly onto the ground. Go down by bending your right knee at about ninety-degree in angle and then slowly move back up. Switch footing and then repeat the process.

2.) Calf Raise – Stand straight with both feet together. Lift your heels above ground as you stand tip toed and then go back down. In order to obtain maximum gains, stand on a ledge like the edge of the stairs for example. Do the same procedure, but this time when going down, dip as far down as you possibly can and then simply go back up again.

With Weights;

1.) Squats – Take a barbell and rest it on your shoulders. Slowly lower your body down by bending your knees. Again, once they reach the ninety-degree angle, stop and then slowly move back up. Simply repeat the whole process. Remember to place all the weight on your legs and keep your back straight, so you avoid damaging your back.

2.) Leg Press – You will need a leg press machine to perform this routine. The idea behind this is basically the same as that of the squat; however, instead of going down with the weights you are actually pushing it away from you.

These are just some fantastic leg exercises at home. You can check out the Internet if you wish to find out more of these wonderful routines. Have fun!

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