The 7 top weight loss excuses that’s keeping you back

The 7 top weight loss excuses that’s keeping you back

This article is about all those excuses that are keeping you from finally losing some weight. We will look at the top seven and find solutions to every one of them so that you don’t fall for them any longer. Here they are:

The weather is bad – Bad weather will always stand in your way of exercise. In such weather it’s best to just go anyway. But if it’s too much for you, you can always exercise from home.

The gym is too far and not on my way – You have a problem if your gym is too far away. You must consider to move your gym closer or to make your own home gym with some weights and a home treadmill.

I don’t have time – If you try hard to find some time, I bet that you will find some time.

I’m too tired – You will be bouncing full of energy if you go exercise and you will soon forget that you were tired.
The exercises are boring me – Listen to upbeat funky music or watch an entertaining TV show and exercise will become fun again.

Healthy foods are bland and boring – There are lots of herbs and spices to make healthy food more exciting. You must also pick the right cooking method to ensure that the foods are anything but bland.

I don’t know how much to eat – Have a look at the recommended portion sizes or go to a nutritionist or a dietician to learn your right portion sizes. Once you know your portions, you have to invest in an electronic scale to weigh your foods.

Now that we’ve busted these excuses, you can go ahead and avoid them. When you do find yourself making one of these excuses, just correct it with the advice given – if you do so you will lose weight and start to look great!

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