Real Weight loss can only be achieved with exercise and physical activity

Real Weight loss can only be achieved with exercise and physical activity

Besides taking care of what you eat and how many calories you consume, there is no real weight loss if you do not exercise.

Exercise offers a lot of benefits to your health but it can also help you lose weight and keep it off. By exercising you burn more calories and combined with consuming less calories you will be able to create the deficit needed to lose weight (Weight loss deficit = Calories burn – calories consumed). You can have a look at our previous post how to lose weight in 2 weeks for more information about this.

Getting Some Exercise

There are various forms of exercise you can do. This may include aerobic exercises (cardio) – walking, jogging, bicycling or other forms of exercise like weight training. Of course you should not neglect the fact that other forms of physical activities can help you lose weight. If you do not already have, find a hobby that involves physical activity. In this way you will do something you really enjoy and at the same time encourage your weight loss. Some good examples of hobbies that involve physical activities are gardening, rock climbing, mountain rides, horse riding etc.

An important element for the proper functioning of our body is water. Water is vital for the normal operation of the body and can also greatly assist your weight loss efforts. Water can offer a lot of benefits to health and weight loss. First by drinking water you get a feeling of fullness and thus you will consume fewer calories. A nice tip to follow is to drink a glass of water 45 minutes before your main meals.

This will keep your stomach full and you will eat less. Second, water helps your body get rid to unnecessary toxins. Third, water can save your body from dehydration especially if you lose water by sweating. Fourth, water has 0 calories so the more you can drink during the day the better.

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