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Quick Ways to Lose Weight

Quick Ways to Lose Weight

Looking for quick ways to lose weight is definitely not the healthiest route to fitness. Although it is our natural inclination, it makes much more sense to take a more patient approach to not only weight loss, but total fitness. Diet programs that promise quick weight loss invariably have a downside. This downside might be a severely restricted diet or risky eating habits that are designed only to manipulate the numbers on the scale.

Many of the quick ways to lose weight that are promoted in fad diets rely on losing significant amounts of water weight. Obviously, since our bodies require water, this is not a healthy or realistic long term solution. If you want to lose weight, you certainly want to get rid of fat. The fact is that your body has to burn approximately 3,500 calories more than it takes in for this to happen.

Yes, this is a very general statement, but I am using it to point out that if one loses ten pounds over two or three days and it doesn’t involve some massive amounts of exercise that exceed the dieter’s caloric intake, the results are most likely temporary. Many people ignore this or become blind to the fact when each new “lose weight fast diet” comes along. No matter how many times they are disappointed, they continue to avoid healthy weight loss and chase the miracle weight loss products.

As I’ve read internet message boards, I’ve found it extremely disturbing that so many questions begin, “I’m 13 years old and I’m too fat…” What bothers me is that these kids are asking questions about things like using diet pills to lose weight. I’ve also seen answers given that recommend various diet pills for these kids! If anyone reading this is in this situation, PLEASE do not start messing with weight loss drugs on your own. You are at an age when your body is undergoing all kinds of important changes.

Talk to your parents, and if they don’t have any answers for you, talk to your doctor, or even the school nurse. DO NOT start medicating yourself. I know of several teens personally who have ended up with serious health problems after becoming fixated on weight issues. Trust me, your family would much rather help you than watch you hurt yourself while you try to lose weight. Give them a chance and ask them for help.

Of course, adolescents are not the only ones prone to insecurity and dwelling on fat loss. Really, just about anyone who feels the need to lose weight would love some legitimate ways to lose weight fast. The truth will still keep on coming back to a healthy lifestyle though no matter how many ways you search for quick ways to lose weight.


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