Cardio Training

Cardio Training

Cardio training is like a four letter word to some people and for others it represents an escape from modern day stress. Any way you slice it cardiovascular activity is vital to the healthy development of any personal fitness plan.

People use the term cardio as a nik name for cardiovascular and it simply refers to any activity which raises your heart rate, the main organ in the cardiovascular system. There are many ways to perform cardio and people preferences pale in comparison to the amount of activities that produce a cardiovascular response. All activities are not equal though, as some produce more results quicker and others are used to develop the athlete in unique ways.

Anyone who uses cardio as a part of their exercise routine is doing it in an effort to burn off excess calories and as a result of performing cardio your body will require more energy. Some activities are considered better than others at strictly burning fat but all cardio will eventually burn off calories. Because fat lose is a result of burning more calories than you consume cardio is a step in the healthy direction.

The motivation for performing cardio does not begin and end with fat loss because there are a wide variety of health benefits you can receive from a consistent cardio workouts. The most important reason aside from fat loss is the improved condition of your heart. The heart is a muscle just like any other in the body and needs to be worked out just like anything else. A lack of exercise to the heart is similar to a lack of exercise to any other body part and when the time comes that you need the muscle if its not ready you can cause serious long term damage. Ever wonder why those Viagra commercials tell you to make sure your heart is healthy enough for sex? Its because if you get going and your heart is in bad shape you can induce a heart attack.

By constantly challenging your heart to pump harder and faster you are able to develop muscle walls which in turn strengthen the ability for your heart to pump blood. The second primary benefit of cardio is an increased metabolism. In simple terms an increased metabolism means your body has an easier time maintaining its current weight. This, ironically, means you can spend less time in the gym burning calories because your body reaches a point where it does the work for you, unfortunately if you reduce the cardio your metabolism also falls off the chart.

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