Elliptical Machine and What to Look For

Elliptical Machine and What to Look For

If you really are in the market for an elliptical trainer most of the top industry leaders say your bottom line price should be at LEAST $1,000. While there are cheaper machines on the market that may seem like a really good deal consistent testing by independent research companies continue to prove they cannot hold up to rigorous usage. If you are in the market for a simple once a week device than under $1,000 will be an okay way to go but as you do your research keep the following in mind;

Try it in the store or find one at the local gym before you buy it. This will facilitate an easier evaluation of the performance of the machine. Does it vibrate or tremble as you use it? Does your stride feel natural or forced? Does the pedal spacing fit your body type or can it be adjusted? These are all things to consider before investing over $1,000 into any piece of equipment.

Make sure the machine is solid and not prone to movement but is fluid when in use. The trainer shouldn’t feel woobly or wobbly or jerky. A lot of lower cost machines tend to shimmy their way across the floor as you use them; this is because the materials used to make them are light and prone to be moved on by your motion.

Non slip grip should be at your feet’s tip. Make sure within the foot holds there are grips for your feet. The space in the foot pedal will be designed to handle up to size 14 or 15 shoe, so make sure there is a grip in there so your aren’t sliding around as you use it.

Handle bar comfort is key. They should fit your body position and feel natural this is known as being ergonomically adjusted. It allows for proper posture and body response. If you are looking for moveable handles make sure they slide back and forth in a straight motion.

Easily adjustable resistance levels. Make sure you can easily re-program the resistance in the machine so that you can easily change it while using the trainer. Buttons should respond quickly without you having to push them too hard but at the same time should be touch sensitive so you’re not leaning forward to get force enough to change the button as this could lead to a mis-step and subsequent injury.

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