Should you try an Elliptical before you buy one?

Should you try an Elliptical before you buy one?

In recent years the elliptical machine has taken over the treadmill in popularity – mainly because they are less impact to your bones and joints. Over the long haul, running can destroy joints and bones because of the constant impact and force to your feet and knees. This force is absorbed by the tissues in your joints and can have long term health risks. My father in law was an avid runner in his late 20’s and is now unable to participate in many physical activities fully, because of the damage to his joints. Elliptical machines are a great alternative because the move your feet in an elongated circle, (elliptical.)

If you are in the market for an elliptical and are thinking about making a purchase you may want to start by reading elliptical machine reviews. There are plenty out there for you to gain information from and they can really assist you as you consider which machine to go after. Not every machine is made with the same materials or with the same care to details so if you want to find the best one for you make sure to spend a few minutes researching.

Trying out a few different machines will definitely be a good idea especially if you plan to buy from someone who offers a variety of styles. You may also want to stop by your local gym and see what machines they use. Any gym will make an investment into machines that can handle 12 hours or more of use on a daily basis for months at a time. The gym I use has had the same set of elliptical for the last 5 years and they are the most popular machines in the cardio area.

There are so many different machines each at a different price point and each with different pros and cons. The more you test the more you can feel the difference in the machine. Pay close attention to the motion of the feet pedals. The motion should be strictly back and forth, if you feel any variation where it seems your foot is moving out to the side there is a strong possibility one of the bars is bent, this will cause a continual amount of unnecessary torque be placed on the machine which will lead to early wear and tear of the belt line.

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