Elliptical Machine Comparison Health Benefits

Elliptical Machine Comparison Health Benefits

Anytime you combine upper and lower body movements you are positioning yourself for a better more total body workout. Using an Elliptical Machine as a training tool is one way to achieve this, but how does it compare to other workout machines?

When it comes to maximizing your workout and getting the most from your time, the more you move the better. Any extra movement requires the burning of extra calories. When you work out on a stationary bike, for example, you are only using your lower body. The elliptical machine is great because the handles and pedals move in unison, both arms and legs. Because no muscle is totally isolated you will end up getting a better workout with an elliptical.

Treadmills are the most direct comparison to elliptical trainers because they are the two most popular machines used at the gym. Both focus on the lower body and involve a moving strike path. Everyone I have ever asked about their recent weight lost they inevitably answer it started when they began running. Its true that using a treadmill for exercise or even outside can be great ways to exercise. The only downside is that the indoor or outdoor running will always put a significant amount of pressure on your joints as running is high impact.

An elliptical can deliver the same results in a similar motion with much less impact. The simple action alone of the pedals moving with your feet as opposed to your feet striking the treadmill pad saves countless pounds of pressure per square inch. When you use a treadmill you are subject to the electronic settings and have less control over both speed and resistance. With an elliptical you control the speed without having to adjust an electronic control. Just because an elliptical has less impact it doesn’t mean there is any less resistance, you can manually adjust the resistance forcing your legs to push harder and faster to make the workout more complete.

The stair master is another popular cardio machine used at the gym because it can be used to increase your heart rate with a lower amount of actual physical motion. The elliptical provides an opportunity for you to incorporate the benefits of the treadmill – high intensity – with the stair master – lower impact. Truly the elliptical is one of the best machines to use when it comes to getting a full body workout.

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