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What is an Elliptical

What is an Elliptical

So have you heard what these new elliptical machines can do? Just what is an elliptical? And why have you not been using one yet? In basic terms an elliptical or elliptical trainer is a stationary machine designed to simulate running or walking.

Why would there be a piece of equipment made to replicate walking or running when you can go outside and do the exact same thing? Simple, an elliptical machine replicates that motion without the impact. As you use the machine you are suspended in the air while your feet and arms are placed on pedals and handles respectively. This allows you to move in the same direction with the same general workout without the high impact of slamming your feet against the ground.

The primary benefit to using low impact machines is the lower risk for injury. Running may be a great way to lose weight but if you roll your ankle and are out of the gym for 3 weeks how many calories do you burn in a cast?

The reason these machines are less frequently known is because they are new to the market. Just in the last 3 or 4 years have gyms seen a steady increase in popularity for these machines. Anytime there is a new machine gains popularity it needs to pass the test of time in order to move it out of just a ‘trend’ and into mainstream work out devices. The elliptical seems like are pretty sexy machine because its all the rage, and now it is.

Elliptical machines now come in a variety forms and functions and its only natural to assume that as time goes on they will only get more advanced. Currently the only difference between the top two machines is the handles. There is one variety that has a movable handle for you to place your hands and get an upper body workout as well. The second style of machine is the one that has stationary handles for your hands placing more of the focus on developing the lower body.

The advantage to the variety without the handles is that you can focus more on moving on your lower body. When you involve the upper body handles you add a level of physical coordination that takes a little more mental focus. In all honesty moving the handles in conjunction with your legs is harder to think about and the more thinking you’re doing the less exercising you get. In the end just make sure you are getting a good workout. The elliptical is a great way to do it without the high impact.


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