Can a Detox Diet Help Me?

Can a Detox Diet Help Me?

Natural detoxing can help a person tremendously with various ailments. There are some signs to look for in those who might be in need of a detox diet. These signs vary and can range from indigestion, bad breath, fatigue, poor skin to hormonal imbalances, muscle pains and slow metabolism. Having too many toxins in your system is believed to lead to any of these ailments or even more serious illnesses. Once you have undergone a detox diet, you can expect greater energy, regular bowel

movements, unblemished skin, and even a greater ability to concentrate.

A detox diet, such as Total Cleanse, is not for everyone. If a total body or colon cleansing product is purchased, you need to make sure what the regimen requires in the way of fasting and eating. Pregnant women or those with anemia, diabetes, kidney and thyroid diseases, cancer or other serious illnesses should consult a physician before making this kind of drastic change in diet and lifestyle. Some of the side effects are headaches, dehydration (and loss of electrolytes), diarrhea, irritability and fatigue, weight loss or hunger. Someone who is already battling a serious illness does not need the added stress of fighting the side effects of dieting.

Most physicians recommend detoxing at least two to three times a year. There are many products on the market and talking to a health provider may help in making a wise decision. Detoxing any more than this is not healthy and should be cleared with your primary physician. When the detox diet is over, it is best to resume a healthy diet full of whole and natural foods. It will probably look close to the diet that you used to cleanse, but without all the restrictions. The diet is usually a good way for those who have been accustomed to unhealthy living to turn their lives around and begin to eat healthy food.

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