Natural Detox Recipes for the Bath

Natural Detox Recipes for the Bath

As relaxing as a regular hot bath can be, imagine how much better it could be with the power to detoxify your body. By using a combination of oils, herbs and other natural ingredients, you can create a detox recipe for your bath that can flush out those toxins. Spend a half hour in your detox bath, and it can leave you rejuvenated, reinvigorated, and relaxed. You’re virtually guaranteed to come out feeling fresh and happy. These natural therapies can even deep cleanse the body in times of extreme need, such as drug detox.

A classic recipe: one cup of epsom salt combined with two cups of baking soda. These minerals do amazing work to help the body detox, and will leave you smooth and silky. Add a few drops of an your chosen oil if desired.

Another classic bath detox recipe is a milk bath. Add two cups of dry milk powder to a cup of corn starch, mix well, and add to the bath. Again, add your favorite essential oils as desired. Dried chamomile can also make a great addition to this luxurious bath.

Oatmeal baths are great too, and have special benefits for the skin. For an intense body scrub, this the one to try. You can either mix two cups of oatmeal in a blender until ground, or add three tablespoons of powdered oatmeal to the bath. Other ingredients that are work well with oatmeal include blanched almonds mixed in to the ground oatmeal, or mild baby soap, which can be grated into the mixture. Once added to the bath, use the mixture to scrub the face and body. A great detox recipe.

Another great one is the ginger bath. Just grate around a quarter of a cup of fresh ginger, put in some kind of cheesecloth, muslin bag or the like, and use this like a tea bag in your bath. If you can find powdered ginger, you can simply throw a two tablespoons right in the bath instead. Breath in deep, enjoy the aroma, and relax!

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