Home Herbal Remedies to Quit Smoking Naturally

Home Herbal Remedies to Quit Smoking Naturally

Smoking is perhaps one of the most detrimental habits that anyone can incorporate in their body system. There are several health issues, both mental and physical problems that one can get from smoking alone. Forewarned by these dangers, many smokers attempt to quit smoking for good. There are several quit smoking aids released in the market. Yet, among other methods, one of the best ways to treat smoking is through the use of home herbal remedies to quit smoking naturally.

There are several herbal plants that can be used to treat smoking for good. Some of them might even be found right at your own backyard. These plants include lobelia, avena sativa, peppermint, St. John’s wort, mimosa plant, skullcap, and many more. Mimosa plant and skullcap are often used as home remedies to help someone quit smoking for good.

The herbal plant, Mimosa, is traditionally used to help improve one’s state of mind. When giving up smoking, a person can feel several, uneasy psychological symptoms that can affect the whole process of giving up. These symptoms are called quit smoking symptoms that includes feelings of anxiety, depression and uneasiness, which are often caused by the absence of nicotine in the body for a prolonged time.

Drinking mimosa tea can relieve these psychological symptoms, and thus, facilitate easy progression of quitting. If you want to make your own mimosa tea, you can use the root bark of the plant to produce the best calming beverage. One cup of mimosa tea is enough to relieve the symptoms.

Another herbal plant is the skullcap, which like Mimosa, is known to relieve nervousness and anxiety associated to nicotine withdrawal. It even serves as a natural tranquilizer that can tone down a person’s nervous system. Using this plant is much better than commercially prepared tranquilizers since there are fewer side effects that might possibly occur. Some commercially prepared tranquilizers are abusive, which can also cause drug addiction. Thus, it is a better choice to use natural ways to stop smoking. You can make a calming tea from this plant by soaking 1 teaspoon of the dried plant in a cup of water for over 30 minutes. Filter the water, and drink the filtrate 3 to 4 times a day.

When taking herbal remedies, it is a major concern to consult your physician first before taking any medications to make sure of its possible side effects, precautions, or other certain contraindications for use. Make sure that you motivation to stop that bad habit for good.

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