Natural Prevention and Remedies for Knee Pain

Natural Prevention and Remedies for Knee Pain

There are a number of natural arthritis remedies for knee pain that can serve to manage an ongoing discomfort as well as forms of preventive measures which help in avoiding any recurrence.

Compression and icing are also widely recommended home treatments to manage knee discomforts. Compression can be achieved by applying a lightweight and breathable bandage to tightly wrap the affected knee. Too tight compressions must be avoided as this can affect the circulation of the affected area. Likewise, applying an ice pack to the injured knee for at least 15 to 20 minutes every hour on the day of the injury and subsequently reducing it to 3 to four times a day can be quite effective in managing the pain.

While massage won’t affect the bony structures of the knee, the stimulating pressure can increase circulation and can loosen tight muscles and other tissues which may pull on the knee. Seeing a massage therapist or physical therapist can be helpful if knee pain has been persistent.

For women, wearing the lowest heel possible can in fact be good for the knees. Heels higher than even an inch tend to push the body’s balance forward. This adds additional pressure to the knees. Wearing the right shoes can make a big difference. Experts suggest seeking out shoes that have a stiff heel counter. This part of the shoe that cups the heel and a sturdy heel can promote stability.

Running on hard surfaces such as concrete or asphalt can increase the stress to the knees. Running on softer paths like a forest trail or padded track can be quite beneficial. Similarly, downhill travel can also put additional stress on the knees. A good suggestion would be to travel sideways in zig zag rather than going down in a straight line as rapidly descending downhill can force much pressure on the knees. Bypass soft, shifting sand, however, which can stress the knees.

Most importantly, losing excess weight can help in potentiating other knee pain remedy available. Without the excess weight on the joints, mobility is easier and the pressure is lessened.

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