Why Should You Meditate for Achieving Perfect Health?

Why Should You Meditate for Achieving Perfect Health?

Meditation is very old practice for attaining peace and serenity. Apart from its spiritual significance, there are many medical benefits of meditating. Our health is largely determined by our brainwave patterns. People who are usually tensed and hyper; if their brainwave patterns are measured with EEG machine; it will show high frequency brainwaves with very low amplitude.

Mediation affects our brainwave patterns. When body and mind relaxes; brain starts releasing certain chemicals which results in lower brainwave state. Usually brain releases lower Alpha and Theta frequency in state of meditation. When it becomes easy to get into such state; many great things start showing on the surface. It is very encouraging to practice mediation for beginners as one can gain various benefits with sincere effort in very short period of time.

Considering physical benefits; meditation makes you stress proof. In such competitive times, meditation is very effective remedy for overcoming panic attacks, anxiety, asthma and high blood pressure. It reduces metabolic activity which helps lowering speed of aging. It increases flow of oxygen and blood throughput the body which leads to grater skin resistance.

For mental strength; meditation offers peace, serenity and tranquility to mind. It helps getting rid of many mental disorders like depression, traumas, fears and phobias. Meditation enhances ability to imagine and visualize. It boosts creativity and healing powers. Mind powers like improved memory and concentration, development of intuition and psychic powers can be achieved with regular practice.

Considering spiritual growth; meditation brings perfect balance to life by reestablishing connection between body, mind and spirit. All 3 are always connected but due to the circumstances and society we live in we have lost that connection. There is too much significance given to material pleasure and instant gratification. We have lost the meaning of inner peace and harmony. Mediation connects us once again to our source which brings the ultimate joy and peace.

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