Natural Home Constipation Remedies

Natural Home Constipation Remedies

Natural constipation remedies come in handy for people of all ages. Why take drugs to alleviate constipation when it can be fixed naturally? Natural remedies like the correct diet, hypnosis and exercise routine, like yoga, help relieve constipation issues.

Diet effects digestion. Eating a lot of meat and cheese and junk food can clog up the system. A change in diet helps unclog the system. Foods high in fiber like oatmeal, bananas, beans, green, leafy vegetables and legumes get the system flowing, resulting in bowel movements. A cup of coffee and bran muffin also makes great constipation remedies. Specialized herbal teas help. Constipation can be caused by lack of hydration, so drinking many fluids can help. A change in diet helps ease constipation.

Hypnosis helps relieve constipation through mind control. Hypnosis helps communicate with the unconscious mind, encouraging proper body function. To learn more, get on the internet and type, “relieving constipation with hypnosis”, into Google. Over fifteen thousand results appear with articles and videos describing how hypnosis can be used as one of several natural constipation remedies.

A regular exercise program, like yoga helps regulate the digestive system. Exercise quickens the metabolism and gets the digestive system moving. Using energy makes the body want to process food to make more energy. As the body processes foods, wastes naturally accumulate, stimulating the need for bowel movements. Yoga offers as least three different poses to help alleviate problems with constipation, including, the wing-relieving pose, the triangle posture, and the half plough posture. To learn more about these poses, including pictures and video, type “relieving constipation with yoga” into the search engine.

Drugs do not provide the only remedy to relieving ailments of the body. Eating a lot of fresh fruit and vegetables, hypnosis and regular exercise, particularly yoga, help reduce constipation. Many other things help. Besides the above-mentioned items, many other natural constipation remedies exist, including juicing and vegan soup recipes. Try to relieve ailments naturally before turning to drugs. The internet, local yoga centers, and health food stores all make great places to learn about natural remedies for body ailments.

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