Effortless Natural Remedies for Acne

Effortless Natural Remedies for Acne

Nourish yourself internally and externally by using natural remedies for acne instead of harsh, chemical products.


Proper hygiene can be one of the easiest natural remedies for acne, but it does require some diligence. Start by cleansing regularly, ideally twice a day, with a gentle, all-natural cleanser that will not dry out your face. Make sure to remove all make-up, dirt and oil. Try not to over-dry or excessively scrub your face, this can aggravate skin and actually make your glands produce more oil (to compensate for the dryness) and make acne worse.

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Try to avoid having your hands, hair or used pillowcases/blankets touch your face. Your hands contain natural oils, as well as oils, dirt, and bacteria from your surroundings. These can all make acne worse by clogging your pores. As with your hands, your hair also contains many oils and products, that when come in contact with your face can cause acne to worsen. Your hair and body also touch your pillowcases and blankets. Try to wash these as much as possible to not spread oil and bacteria to your face as well.

When choosing make-up and face products, make sure they are oil-free and non-comedogenic. All-natural and/or organic is even better. Do your research and make sure to read labels. You want natural remedies for acne, not the other way around.

Vitamins A and C

Vitamins A and C naturally help heal acne scars and pimples. Your body usually does not produce enough vitamin A or C to help with acne, so it is important to add them to your diet to boost your levels. Eating these vitamins is the easiest and healthiest way. You can get vitamin C in a variety of citrus fruits. There are also many other fruits, vegetables, and fortified whole grains that are high in vitamins A and C. You can also get these vitamins by taking a supplement. Your body has the easiest time absorbing liquid vitamins and minerals, but they also come in powder and pill form. You can find these essential vitamins online or at your nearest natural foods store.

Try these suggestions for natural remedies for acne before you rush to the store or pharmacy for harsh products that can harm your skin and your health.

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