Do Homemade Acne Treatments Really Work?

Do Homemade Acne Treatments Really Work?

It is possible to find common cures and helps for acne right in your own kitchen! In fact, several different fruits and vegetables have been proven to help in the fight against acne. Many people scoff about homemade natural acne treatments, feeling that they just don’t work.

However, a simple reading of the ingredients that most popular acne treatment creams are made from show that they actually include substances that are naturally found in some fruits and vegetables. People with acne also often have a lack of Vitamin E, Vitamin A and Pantothenic Acid and replacing these in the diet can definitely help cure acne.

These vitamins are essential for healthy skin, and lack of them can result in infection from the bacteria that causes acne by clogging up the pores. So, instead of paying money for expensive creams containing these ingredients, why not instead just eat more healthful food?

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Another important factor in keeping acne at bay is making sure your face is always clean and oil free. Lemon is great for cleaning the skin, as the citric acid in the lemon kills the acne producing bacteria, and the lemon dissolves away any excess oil. If you rub lemon over your face at night, you will find that it will go to work on your skin while you sleep and in the morning your skin will feel refreshed and toned. Do not go outside with lemon on your skin, however, as it can cause your face to become burned.

Another home remedy is the application of tomato slices on acne scars. It greatly helps diminish them. Garlic is also another great home remedy, just dab some on an acne spot an see how effective it is. Mint juice also apparently helps remove any evidence of scarring.

Another successful remedy is a paste that is made from orange peels. This paste is particularly helpful at cleaning the skin deep into the pores, and dislodging the bacteria. Raw papaya is another fruit that helps with acne. If you would like an oil to soothe your skin, try tea tree oil, coconut oil, and jojoba oil–all are said to help reduce acne outbreaks.

Of course it is also very important to drink a lot of water, and eat lots of natural fruits and vegetables if you want fresh, acne free skin.

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