Some Natural Acne Remedies

Some Natural Acne Remedies

Acne, pimples, and blackheads are major skin problems among adolescents. These conditions not only affect their good looks, but can also create an inferiority complex among them. There are various possible causes of acne. Skin disorders, eating too much spicy and fatty foods, being more prone to oily skin are among them. When oil and dead cells of the skin are trapped in the pores, blackheads are formed, which in turn forms acne. Dandruff is another cause for the outburst of acne.

Before you opt for any Natural Acne Remedy, it is very important that you know your type of skin before deciding which treatment to use. Here are some potential remedies that might be worth a try:

As honey works against bacteria, apply a mask of honey on your face and leave it on for 20 minutes, then wash. It also clears blemishes.

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Mix up some corn flour or oatmeal with water and beat till you get a paste of a creamy texture. Apply it with a face brush and leave it till it dries. This pack helps remove dead cells of the skin. Rinse thoroughly and apply moisturizer.

Apply Kasturi haldi paste over the acne the previous night and wash it the following morning. This helps to clear the skin.
A paste of sandalwood, rosewater or cucumber juice, discourages acne and gives a fresh feeling.
Grind together neem bark, turmeric with water and apply on the acne.

Mix onion juice, fuller’s earth and a teaspoon of honey together and apply on the affected areas.
Acne can be treated by keeping your hands off your face, drinking lots of water, flushing your system clean and exercising regularly. Never use perfumed soap to wash your face. Clean the skin with cleansing cream. It not only removes the dirt but also oil from the skin. A weekly face mask will suck out all impurities and keep your skin clean.

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