Why I switched to Organic Shampoo and Organic Toothpaste

Why I switched to Organic Shampoo and Organic Toothpaste

For years I had suffered from small canker sores in my mouth. My doctor could not help and, frankly, was not too concerned about it. In his view these were just a minor unpleasantness and not at all life threatening. And what is more, he did not have a solution to offer. So I suffered in silence until I happened to come across some information that said that in some cases they are caused by sodium lauryl sulphate, a substance that is common in toothpaste, shaving cream, shampoo and a whole range of other household items. I thought there might be something in it so I switched to organic toothpaste.

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The taste was great. It was completely different to that of normal toothpaste. The reason, I discovered, was because organic toothpaste does not contain artificial sweeteners. When you taste the difference you realize just how sweet normal toothpaste actually is. After changing to organic toothpaste I started paying a lot more attention to the other products I was using and soon switched to organic shampoo too.

The reason was found on the label of my old shampoo bottle. It contained some many chemical substances that I was shocked. Moreover it also contained sodium lauryl sulphate. I figured if that stuff was causing me problems in my mouth, perhaps it was also responsible for my dry scalp. The organic shampoos I have tried are great and leave my hair feeling really fresh.

I was also pleased to discover the fact that they do not contain a whole bunch of other harmful chemicals. Some, such as synthetic musk (also called paraben) are increasingly controversial. Some scientists and environmentalists say that they could be connected with the rise in breast cancer in recent years. Other harmful chemicals are not even on the label but find their way into commercial products because they leach out of the plastic container. Since making the switch I have not looked back. When I use organic shampoo or brush my teeth with organic toothpaste, I know that I am respecting my body and the environment.

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