Tips for Acne Scar Removal

Tips for Acne Scar Removal

There are two downsides to having acne. The first is that you need to find ways to get rid of it. Then after it’s gone, the next problem you have to tackle is how to remove the marks or the scars that may be left behind. There are some cases where the scars will simply fade away after you got rid of the pimple, but if you tried to get rid of blackheads or zits by pinching and squeezing, removing the scars that are left is not going to be easy.

There are many treatments available that aim to improve the health and overall appearance of your skin; however, it all depends on how serious the scarring really is. Most dermatologists suggest the use of a chemical peel or microdermabrassion. These approaches are acne scar removal treatments that need to be conducted by an expert dermatologist inside their clinic.

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As for severe acne scars, some of the treatments available are dermabrassion and laser resurfacing. With laser resurfacing, the scars will be removed with the aid of a laser. This method is not only good for taking away the scars, it will also tighten your facial skin; thereby making your skin look and feel smoother. This approach normally lasts about an hour or so, depending on how serious the scarring is. This procedure can cause discomfort and pain which is why a local anesthesia is used before the laser is applied. You also need to wait for about three to fifteen days before your skin fully heals.

With dermabrassion, a doctor will use an instrument to wear down the surface of your skin. The idea here is to wear down the surface of your skin to let a new layer of skin emerge as it slowly heals. This approach requires more healing time as compared to laser resurfacing, usually about three to four weeks.

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