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Quick Ways to Lose Weight

Quick Ways to Lose Weight Looking for quick ways to lose weight is definitely not the healthiest route to fitness. Although it is our natural inclination, it makes much more sense to take a more patient approach to not only weight loss, but total fitness. Diet programs that promise quick …

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Fasting to Lose Weight?

Fasting to Lose Weight? All I can say is I personally do not recommend fasting to lose weight. I have a close friend who did a series of fasts over a summer. I believe it was sort of a weight loss / spiritual cleansing combination, though I never asked about …

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Weight Loss Meals

Weight Loss Meals A lot of money gets spent on weight loss meals sold to dieters who are trying to slim down. Without naming the various weight loss systems doing the selling, all of these weight loss meals are geared toward the weight loss system endorsing them. If you can …

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